General Manager in Club Ocean Villas at Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Date Posted: 5/27/2021


Job Description

Are you ready to grow your dream career while making others' vacation dreams come true? Marriott Vacations Worldwide is a world premier organization for Vacation Ownership with resorts at destinations around the globe. Join our team and help deliver unforgettable experiences that make vacation dreams come true.

The General Manager is responsible for the overall operation of The Club Ocean Villas II team development, and guest experience of the Resort. This includes day to day management of all operations, human resources, maintaining budgetary requirements, and training and developing team members. The General Manager is also expected to have an eye on the future of the business, developing a reserve plan, maintaining and improving the facility, creating new programs and initiatives to increase revenues and decrease expenses while preserving and improving owner and guest relations.

Section 2 – Leadership:

  • Leading By Example
    • Willing to “get their hands dirty” to show their Team that they are not above doing what is needed to make this business successful.
    • Encouraging the many voices of the Team to speak up.
    • Building relationships to play to each team member’s experience.
    • Praise in public, punish in private.
  • Training, Developing, & Setting Goals
    • Setting realistic, detailed, and attainable goals for management staff.
    • Spending time with any team member when able to answer questions and develop their knowledge.
    • Training through doing, encourage self-sufficiency, and support and use mistakes as training moments.
  • Create a Culture
    • Encourage team ideals and cooperative working.
    • Create and sustain incentive programs.
    • Acknowledge the little things and celebrate them.

Section 3 – Managing Operational Efficiency:

  • Maintaining and Out-Performing Budget
    • Logical, consistent, and thorough processing of accounts payable and debit card recaps.
    • Monthly variance reports and budget tracking completed by department heads.
    • Detailed analysis of monthly financial statements with eye for detail.
    • Listening to the department heads on necessary purchases and asking the right questions about the proposed expenses.
  • Increasing Employee Retention
    • Building a culture from the ground up.
    • Encouraging employee incentive programs and morale boosters.
    • Increasing staff housing and management of available apartments to balance the on-call program and need for foreign student help.
    • Constant evaluation of employee benefits for improvement and cost efficiency.
  • Ensuring Guest & Owner Satisfaction
    • Overseeing and leading customer service expectations
    • Build relationships with owners and guests
    • Respect to be respected
    • Ability to discern what problems may be and target easy solutions to turn a negative situation into a positive one.
    • Using body language to discern intent and help ensure guest and owner comfort in interactions.
  • Managing Expectations
    • Only make promises when confident it will be successful
    • Under-Sell and over-deliver, whenever possible to exceed guest and owner expectations
    • Creating a culture of going above and beyond for guests and owners.

Section 4 – Communication & Collaboration:

  • Communicate Comprehensively
    • Openly communicate with the Board, team, and vendors.
    • Maintain a calendar that is shared with all department heads and around the Resort to maintain key dates and times.
    • Whether via email, phone, or text, all communication must be professional, clear, and accurate.
    • Encourage all team members to openly communicate with each other and between departments.
    • Leave your door open for any team member.
  • Collaborate With Everyone
    • Support new ideas and provide guidance when ideas may be lacking.
    • Encourage creativity of all team members.
    • Make sure all team members know they have a voice.
    • Listen to the guests and owners, they are the reason we are here.
    • Take chances on new ideas that may work.

Section 5 – Analytical & Creative Thinking:

  • Problem Solving
    • Learn about the issue and research possible solutions before jumping to a solution.
    • Use intuition, the experience of team members, management, and the Board to make informed decisions.
  • Develop New Initiatives
    • Never get caught up and complacent, focus on a developmental area or areas and strive for efficiency.
    • Encourage team members to do the same.

Section 6 – Technical Competencies:

  • Must be a jack of all trades, with knowledge on every side of the business, but expertise is not required.
  • Computer, internet, wireless, and basic IT skills.
  • Basic psychology, reading intentions and body language, and how to call people out when the truth is being stretched.
  • Fiscal management is paramount and being able to read, extrapolate information, and locate inconsistencies in financial data is necessary.
  • Must understand the basics of all maintenance systems, boilers, construction, heating, and other equipment and processes.
  • Customer service skills with excellent people skills is required.
  • Must have experience handling problems on the fly.
  • Must know how to clean, inspect, and ensure quality of rooms
  • Must learn the property management system to ensure reservation fulfillment, owner correspondence, rental tracking, financial tracking, and owner accounts are maintained appropriately.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture


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