Sr Vacation Ownership Advisor Bilingual English/Spanish in Mexico City Owner Services Office at Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Date Posted: 11/4/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Are you ready to grow your dream career while making others' vacation dreams come true? Marriott Vacations Worldwide is a world premier organization for Vacation Ownership with resorts at destinations around the globe. Join our team and help deliver unforgettable experiences that make vacation dreams come true.


  1. To understand and support the Marriott Vacation Club International Vision "To become the preferred provider of vacation ownership and personalized vacation experiences." Contribute to the success of the Vision by being a source of influence to the vision and MVCI. 
  2. To be able to represent MVCI as the expert in all aspects of the MVCI product, usage, and resort information and ensure a smooth transition of owners from the purchase through their first vacation experience. Develop a proactive response to owner issues based on trend analysis and identification of root cause. Initiate projects that support the elimination of these complaints.
  3. To answer all incoming telephone calls and applicable correspondence from Marriott Vacation Club International Owners in a friendly and efficient manner so as to ensure that every owner is satisfied. 
  4. To use Standard Operating Procedures of the Salt Lake City Marriott Vacation Club International Owner Services Center, Marriott Corporation Standard Operating Procedures, and any local Standard Operating Procedures as a guide to the standards and practices which are to be followed by all associates in this department and discipline so that questions may be correctly answered, problems may be resolved, and compliance with all laws and company policies may be insured. 
  5. To maintain a tradition and attitude of having the desire to provide excellent service to all customers and associates in the center which will, in turn, support their efforts to provide excellent service to customers and to other associates of the operation. To respond sensitively to the needs and feelings of others, regardless of status or position; to accept interpersonal differences and to maintain rapport.
  6. To be willing to train and to instruct other members of the department and the operation by passing along skills and information to assist them in their development and advancement.
  7. To strive to become an independent associate, able to analyze problems and to formulate plans to overcome challenges to get work done quickly with a high degree of quality. To make sound and logical decisions and to choose appropriate courses of action based on the parameters of the situation at hand.
  8. Work as an advocate for the customer in resolving any complaints and educate them on their vacation ownership and prepare issue summaries on customer concerns suitable for Senior Management review. Track feedback from owners through all communications.
  9. To help create an ongoing effort to improve the center and the department through personal action and by contributing ideas to support the improvement effort.
  10. To understand the center as a business and to be familiar with any profit objectives and the relationship between this departments budget and budgetary goals of the center.


  1. College or technical degree 
  2. To have a minimum experience as a VOA of 1 year to be eligible. 
  3. Bilingual 90% English (oral and written) and Spanish. 
  4. Understanding all the systems required by MVCI. 
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of Marriott International and other Frequent Traveler rograms. 
  6. To be able to explain complex ideas clearly and concisely to ensure understanding. 
  7. Previously demonstrated time management and organizational skills. 
  8. Previously demonstrated ability to follow through on all customer inquiries, complaints or suggestions. 
  9. To be able to clearly express oneself through oral means; to properly use such technical factors as grammar, vocabulary, voice inflection, and eye contact.
  10. To be able to clearly and effectively express oneself through written means; to properly use such technical factors as grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. To be able to prepare short faxes and communicate within the department using email and freehand forms. 
  11. Previous experience and ability to work in a multi-sessions Windows environment preferred. 
  12. Neat, professional appearance and outgoing people oriented personality which conveys pride in working for Marriott and which is demonstrated by a ready smile and a willingness to assist others. To be able to work under pressure, goal oriented, team player.
  13. Ability to function calmly in a fast paced environment handling multiple priorities simultaneously. To be able to deal with situations of a dynamic nature; to be able to modify plans, actions, and decisions in light of changing situations and circumstances.


  1. Maintain a thorough understanding of MVCI Ownership and a desire to get owners on vacation and assist them with any requests or connect them with the appropriate department to respond to their MVCI needs. To perform all related tasks to ensure procedures are correctly followed. This includes, but is not limited to the following: 

Usage Options including:

  • Owner Occupancy -- Advise owners of the best way to make their desired reservations for their home resort(s) during their season(s). Assist them with confirming the reservations as requested by owner. Refer owners to contact the regular Owner Services phone number if they desire to check availability 13 months in advance of check-in (for multiple week owners reserving consecutively or concurrently) or 12 months in advance of check-in for a single-week reservation.
  • Exchange with I.I.-- Complete exchange process with Interval International from start to finish as requested.
  • Marriott Rewards Program Points -- Assist owners by requesting Marriott Rewards points in lieu of occupancy and assist owners with redeeming points for hotel stays, airline travel, and other Marriott Rewards options. Order Marriott Rewards certificates as needed on behalf of the owner in a timely and accurate manner.
  • List for Rent - make reservations, which are then sent to the appropriate department where the Timeshare Rental Listing Agreement is sent out to the Owner.
  • Marriott Vacation Club Collection: Advice owners of the best way to make their desired reservation in a Marriott resort (s). Assist them with confirming the reservation as requested by owner. Refer owners to contact the regular owner services phone number if they desire to check availability 13 months premier plus and premier and 12 months standard and help them with the wait list it is not available the resort .
  • Explorer Collection: Advice owners with the information about Active Explorer, city explorer, Epic explorer and Ocean explorer to take the best decision for their vacation plans and Assist their with the conference to book it
  • Educate the owners to understand the web
  • World Traveler Collection

First Day Benefits: Actively work with the owner to assist them with redeeming their First-Day-Benefit for a vacation.

Create One-to-One Relationships: Discover personalized details and vacation preferences about all owners in SR. VOA's Book of Business and capture and document these details in owners' Siebel accounts. Vacation Ownership Advisors should work toward adding value to owners' experience with MVCI during each contact and capture relevant, detailed information in Siebel which will help MVCI achieve "Customer Intimacy," build "One-to-one relationships" and personalize the owner's vacation experiences now and in the future. 

Owner Referral Benefits (Friend Share): Educate owners on the Friendshare program, submit referrals on the owner's behalf, update owners on the status of any referrals they have submitted, and research any missing Friendshare points. 

Maintenance Fees and Loans: Answer general questions regarding owner's maintenance fee payments and loans, and process such payments as needed/requested by owners. 

Miscellaneous issues: Fulfill requests for directories, brochures, and collateral, and answer questions about any aspect of the MVCI program. Submit accurate requests for special rooms, views, etc. as requested by owner. Anticipate owners' needs by personalizing their vacation plans. 

2. Pro-Actively contact new owner during rescission and post rescission (varies depending on property) to introduce yourself as their SR. Vacation Ownership Advisor, and to warmly and enthusiastically welcome owners to the MVCI family. Vacation Ownership Advisors should work toward maintaining new owners' excitement about their recent investment in MVCI. SR. Vacation Ownership Advisors should immediately inform their manager, team leader, or resort liaison if a new owner has concerns about their purchase and may be thinking about rescission. Provide feedback to the sales executive or portfolio sales executive on the welcome call and after the owner returns from the initial vacation experience. Record all interactions, conversations, and vacation-planning information in Siebel.

3. Pro-Actively contact owners to let them know when their deed has been recorded, and their I.I. account established to congratulate them, and offer assistance with planning their first MVCI vacation. SR. VOA should ensure that the owner's Marriott Rewards account is set up correctly, their First-Day-Benefits received, and ask for owner's email address if they have one. Record all interactions, conversations, and vacation-planning information in Siebel.

4. Pro-Actively contact all legacy, hybrid and points, owners in Book of Business on a semi-annual basis. Record all interactions, conversations, and vacation-planning information in Siebel. Topics of semi-annual contact include, but are not limited to the following: Vacation Planning -- occupy (current and upcoming year), Marriott Vacation Club Collection, Explorer Collection , World Traveler Collection, regular hotel reservations, Marriott Rewards stays, owner discounts, II exchanges, II get-a-ways, etc. -- FDB assistance, referrals, pre-arrival planning and maintenance fee and loan payments.

5. Inform about the due day to bank points, trade for Marriott rewards.

6. Pro-Actively contact owners to coordinate resort pre-arrival planning. This includes, but is not limited to being familiar with resort amenities, arranging owner plans through the concierge staff and ensuring the all owner pre-arrival needs are met before scheduled arrival date. Record all interactions, conversations, and vacation-planning information in Siebel.

7. Pro-Actively contact owner upon their return from vacation. This includes, but is not limited to; making sure they had a wonderful vacation experience, and offering to help owner begin to think about future vacation plans, assessing enthusiasm with MVCI and potential for reloads or referrals. Record all interactions, conversations, and vacation-planning information in Siebel.

8. Develop and maintain a working relationship with on-site Resort Sales Executives as well as Portfolio Sales Executives. SR. Vacation Ownership Advisors should partner with Sales Executives to the benefit of the customers by keeping open lines of professional communication with the Sales Executives. Vacation Ownership Advisors should not denigrate the Sales Executive or the Sales presentation to any customer, under any circumstances.

9.SR. Vacation Ownership Advisors should strive to get the owners in their Book of Business on vacation and to keep the MVCI program as simple as possible for owners.

10. Track statistics and needed, trends and overall success of the program. Vacation Ownership Advisors should submit detailed feedback to their manager, as required, on vacations planned and great experiences created for owners in their Book of Business.

11. Develop and maintain a working relationship with other MVCI and Partner departments including, but not limited to; Sales offices (including on-site and Portfolio Sales), On-Site Resort Operations Front office and Concierge staff, Interval International, Financial Services Department and New Owner Administration. .Marriott Rewards and Explorer Collection Partners.

12. Evaluate each customer contact for future or immediate FriendShare or purchase opportunity. 

13. All MVCI SR. Vacation Ownership Advisors will meet or exceed customer expectations which include but are not limited to: 

All MVCI SR. Vacation Ownership Advisors will meet or exceed customer expectations

  • Speaking to the Owner in a warm, friendly, respectful, and courteous manner.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude during all interactions with all customers, internal and external.
  • Maintaining their book of business, not exceeding 5 Sr VOA changes request (by the owner) per year.
  • Helping the customers' feel that their interactions with MVCI Owner Services are "hassle free" by keeping the MVCI options simple, giving owners the best advice in order to set them up for a successful, personalized vacation experience.
  • Displaying genuine and enthusiastic interest in the guest.
  • Ensuring that each call remains focused on the Owner's needs, and by refraining from using slang or jargon.
  • Anticipating the Owner's needs and being flexible in responding to them so that we may deliver the service and program they value.
  • Verifying each Owner's account information (name, address, email address, and phone number) when appropriate during the call.
  • Taking appropriate action to resolve all guest and Owner issues received by telephone and correspondence.
  • After the trip, contact the owner so they can give us their feedback since they organize it until the moment he finalize it. And helping him to plan the following trip.
  • Have a complete domain of their owners book of business.
  • Make the profile of each owner to know how they go on vacation.
  • Send the information of any Marketing promotion or any news of the program so they can be aware of it and create a relationship one to one.
  • They assist any owner who's investment is more than $100,000 USD or Chairman.
  • Make the segmentation of their owner book of business.
  • Invite the owner to an appointment at the office.
  • Maintaining a turn-around time on e mail correspondence, which does not exceed 24 hrs unless otherwise directed by management.
  • Assisting owners in understanding the Marriott Rewards program, the FriendShare program and benefits of ownership using the Owner Reference Guide as a tool for owner education.
  • Utilizing GRS and Siebel Service Recovery to document all exceptions, complex service issues, problems, concerns, resolutions, and as directed by management and ensuring that an accurate owner history is documented and maintained.
  • Using all available support systems and groups to resolve guest/owner concerns including but not limited to: MySource, CRIS, PURE, I-Services, Universe, Siebel, Excel, Service Supervisors, MVCI Liaisons, Interval International On-site Representatives, MVCI Quality Assurance Specialists, Correspondence Counselors, Partner Relations Specialists, and all other outside support departments.
  • Ensuring that all set Owner servicing procedures are followed.
  • Ensuring that all policies and procedures that are outlined in COMPASS are followed to ensure that all Owners receive the same excellent service through consistently correct answers.
  • Every associate is empowered to take appropriate action in order to resolve an Owner's issue and to prevent a repeat occurrence.
  • On inventory release dates is mandatory to be 15 minutes earlier at the office with all the systems open.
  • Follow up on the owners requests including wait lists on TSW

14. To maintain a clean, neat well organized work place free from clutter which projects a professional atmosphere and which supports the general goals of the department which is to be a preferred employer and a provider of a desirable work place.

15. To maintain a positive attitude, embrace initiatives, and work with team to achieve and exceed goals and to provide ideas for on-going process improvement.

16. To attend training and participating in team meetings to continually seek to improve skills and knowledge to become an MVCI expert and provide the best advice for owners.

17. Take breaks and lunches at appropriate time and for proper duration in designated areas.

18. To be aware of all existing accident prevention and safe work practice programs in the center and to work in a manner free from unsafe acts and to create a safe environment in which others may work.

19. To cross train and to be familiar with and competent in the performance and understanding of other functions required of this department and be able to fill in as required and as directed in the absence of associates who are normally responsible for those duties.

20. Meet regularly with immediate supervisor to discuss goals and action plans to achieve these goals. Report progress on attaining goals on a periodic basis.

21. To meet and exceed all performance goals set by manager.

22. To assist assigned "buddy" with returning owners' telephone calls and emails if buddy is out of the office. Assist buddy with documenting any customer recovery issues in Siebel Service. Is a VOA obligation to be aware of his campaigns due dates to minimize his buddy workload.

23. To assist the owner's appointments and walk ins at Mexico City office

24. The México CityMarriottVacationClubInternationalOwnerServicesCenter normally functions on a five (5) day per-week basis. Associates may be required to work different shifts and schedules to accommodate the changing demands of business, including Saturdays and Holidays. The number of hours worked each week may be adjusted to meet the changing demands of business, which may require working more or less than forty hours in any week.

25. To also serve as otherwise directed or needed to help maintain the effective and efficient operation of the México CityMarriottVacationClubInternationalOwnerServicesCenter. This assignment shall be at the discretion of the department manager, the Executive Committee member or the Vice President of Owner Services.

Marriott Vacations Worldwide is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture.


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