Holiday Advisor in Surfers Paradise at Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Date Posted: 4/30/2021

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Are you ready to grow your dream career while making others' vacation dreams come true? Marriott Vacations Worldwide is a world premier organization for Vacation Ownership with resorts at destinations around the globe. Join our team and help deliver unforgettable experiences that make vacation dreams come true.

Contribute to the success of the organization by effectively advising clients about their different holiday options and providing information about the Marriott Vacation Club. Develop relationships with prospective owners by following up on referrals and leads. Cater the experience to the individual needs and preferences of each potential owner, and follow through with the contract process to ensure that all required paperwork and legally required documents are completed accurately and in an efficient manner whilst at all times prioritizing the best interests of the client. Maintain the client relationship after joining the club to ensure continued owner satisfaction with the organization.

Follow all company policies and procedures; ensure uniform and personal appearance is clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets. Welcome and acknowledge all clients according to company standards; anticipate and address clients’ service needs; thank clients with genuine appreciation. Speak with others using clear and professional language; prepare and review written documents accurately and completely; answer telephones using appropriate etiquette. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others; support team to reach common goals; listen and respond appropriately to the concerns of other employees. Comply with quality assurance expectations and standards. Move, lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 4.5 kilograms without assistance; stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time. Perform other reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors.

Preferred Education and Experience:
• High school completion or equivalent
• Related work experience

Required Qualifications:
• Proficiency in reading and writing English (additional language required for certain positions)
• Incumbent is required to maintain an active and in-good standing professional RG146 or any other license required by law.

Willing To:
• Work in contact with the general public using strong communication and client service skills
• Demonstrate openness to adapt to different cultural contexts based on location
• Must be willing to be flexible across shifts as required by business needs
• Comply with the FASEA Code of Ethics and the Corporations Act to ensure any recommendations are made in the best interests of the client


Building and Maintaining Client Base

• Answer owner questions regarding use of properties and location amenities; ensure any advice and recommendations are made in the clients best interests at all times.
• Follow up on owners
• Fulfill requests from owners or clients regarding pricing, property maps, property descriptions, room locations, and portfolio/network information.
• Contact owners to monitor satisfaction, make aware of upcoming promotions, and strengthen owner relationship
• Develop and maintain records on client contacts and use that information to support effective follow-up opportunities.
• Monitor contract processing to minimize unsatisfied clients, provide comprehensive owner assurance and ensure timeliness of contract process.

Presenting Advice and Recommendations
• Follow and adhere to the Consultative Process when presenting to owners and clients.
• Establish trust with the prospective owner and Owners throughout the entire process to build on-going rapport.
• Discover the needs of prospective owners and Owners through a series of strategically layered questions/discussion and utilize the information to customize the presentation.
• Provide prospective owners and Owners a Gallery, Property and Model tour specific to their distribution site.
• Explain the features of the product and advocate the appropriate amount of points taking into account the clients personal circumstances to ensure any recommendations are made in the best interests of the clients and Owners.
• Complete and close the contract process by ensuring all required/legal paperwork and documents are signed and notarized.
• Practice and continue to develop and improve presentation.
• Ensure clear understanding of finance options and present as an approach to ownership if appropriate to their personal circumstances.
• Prepare for daily appointments (e.g., review tour sheet, owner history, presentation details, etc).
• Follow up face-to-face client interaction with email, phone, or mail correspondence and facilitates use of Vacation Ownership Advisor.
• Answer Owner and client questions regarding product information, servicing issues, construction work, financing, maintenance, repairs, and appraisals.
• Use, demonstrate, and/or coordinate virtual tour (eTour) software for clients.

Conducting and Managing Business Transactions
• Assure complete and accurate processing of documents.
• Review details of contracts with prospective owners and Owners once they decide on purchase.
• Thoroughly review loan applications and financial documents with the client and ensure completed properly.
• Work with Management to maximise client retention, provide comprehensive owner assurance and ensure timeliness of contracts.
• Analyze problems and formulate a strategy and plan to overcome challenges of getting work done quickly with a high degree of quality.
• Complete purchase summary worksheet when a client chooses to join the Club or Owner upgrades.
• Reach out to Legacy Owners and Every Other Year (EOY) Owners to enroll, and offer support and information about the Club.

Providing Service to Others
• Respond to and monitor the resolution of client and Owner inquiries in a timely manner with accurate information.
• Leverage resources for providing service to clients and Owners (e.g., Vacation Ownership Advisors) in an effective manner.

Policies and Procedures
• Maintain confidentiality of proprietary materials and information.
• Protect the privacy and security of clients and coworkers.
• Follow company and department policies and procedures.
• Ensure personal appearance is clean, hygienic, professional and in compliance with company policies and procedures.

• Manage time effectively to punctually attend daily team meetings, training sessions, and client/owner appointments.
• Demonstrate total understanding of the culture and processes of the organization.
• Improve presentation approach through self-critique, practice, and lessons from the feedback provided by others (e.g., Managers, Coaches, Clients, Owners).
• Participate in formal training sessions offered by management team.
• Attend daily huddles and regularly scheduled team/manager meetings.
• Assist in the development and mentoring of other Holiday Advisors as requested.
• Maintain an awareness of current events (e.g., news, sports, pop-culture) and information on site locations to enable and promote client relationship building.
• Understand and abide by state and federal regulations around Timeshare activity (i.e. FASEA Code of Ethics, Corporations Act, Do Not Call Lists, State registrations, Exemptions, etc).
• Perform all tasks in a timely manner ensuring all deadlines are met.
• Perform other reasonable duty or function that may be assigned by management.
• Be proactive and have a flexible approach to work, meeting the needs of the team and the business at all times.
• Maintain an attitude and commitment to provide excellent service to all clients and associates.
• Respond sensitively to the needs and feeling of others, regardless of status of position; accept interpersonal differences and maintain a constructive rapport with all associates and clients.
• Maintain computer systems knowledge (Goldmine, Timeshareware, Outlook, Word and Excel).
• Maintain current computer systems knowledge as used by the company.
• Work with all colleagues as a team, supporting the needs within that team and those of the business at all times.